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Good Bad or Ugly

Prompted by my good friend Justin, I've decided to post a 'bricks and roses' style list of the service providers referenced in my blogs and/or your comments.

The Good:

Advantage - 24 Hour Emergency Appliance Services (Jim Foster's Story - blog)
John Lewis (Ray's comment)
BMW UK (Dave's comment)
Totem Appliance (Justin's comment)
Tesco (Nikki's comment)
Surfwood Supply (Paul's Feastro Taco Truck Story - blog)
Alcan (Adam's Story - blog)
The Bay (me - blog)
Cebu Pacific Air - Philippines (Mike's comment)
Sony Stores (me - blog)
MEC (me - blog)

The Bad:

British Gas (Ray's comment)
Telus (me - blog)
Changes (Jim's comment)
MasterCard (me- Bbog)
Ed's Linnens (Shana's Story - blog)
O2 - UK land line (Ray's comment)
Talk - UK mobile (Ray's comment)
AA - UK car insurance (Ray's comment)
Banham - UK alarm services (Ray's comment)
Joe Btfsplk's Diner - Banff Alberta (Susanna)
Alamo Car Rentals (Susanna's comment)

The Ugly: (multiple references)

Super Store 'AKA Stupid Store' (me - blog)

If you'd like me to add anyone, good, bad or ugly to this list, simply drop me an email describing your experience.